Shouting Apes is an online zine made by creative people who aren’t total dicks. Sure, we’re opinionated, silly, wildly inappropriate, and about a dozen other things, but, when it comes to dealing with other human beings, we adhere to the Two Great Ones and their simple, elegant wisdom: Be Excellent To Each Other. We expect our commenters to do the same. All opinions, whether dissenting or otherwise, are awesome when written respectfully. Unless, of course, that articulate, thoughtful comment you wrote includes personal information about our content creators or other commenters that they themselves have not already shared here. That ain’t cool, regardless of how kind the original comment was, so don’t be surprised if that sort of thing gets deleted. Of course, comments that are hateful or abusive towards our content creators or other commenters will always be deleted, plain and simple. Repeat offenders will be banned, obviously.

The point is to get excited and make things. In the words of Bill Corbett (better known as Crow T. Robot), “I want to stand on the side of humanity… even when being a goddamned wise-ass.”

Feel free to contact us by writing to info at shoutingapes dot com.